The past seven months have been a remarkable time for World Pediatric Project and the thousands of lives changed by our expansive reach. With now more than two decades of expertise, we are committed to providing advanced pediatric healthcare to children in need. From July to February, 40 teams of dedicated clinicians traveled around the world, serving 1,781 children, with 375 total surgeries successfully completed.

In addition to these life-changing surgical procedures, WPP provided critical evaluations and therapy services for hundreds of children over this period. These examinations included tests that would not otherwise have been available due to the many factors limiting access to healthcare around the world. In some cases, these screenings helped diagnose and treat potential health issues that could have become more serious conditions in the future.

These accomplishments would not be possible without the support of generous donors, as well as the dedication of its staff and volunteers who continue to work tirelessly in order to improve healthcare access for those who need it most. Thanks to their commitment and hard work, nearly two thousand children in the past seven months alone were given the opportunity for a healthier life – a gift that will last a lifetime.

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