WPP has been actively working in Honduras since 2002. Honduras’ existing pediatric health care system is more robust than other WPP partner nations, yet many gaps in access remain. WPP’s current partnership programs focus on increasing access to care and building local capacity in the areas of complex orthopedics, neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, and plastic/craniofacial surgery.

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Honduras Orthopedic Program

Partnering with local orthopedic surgeons in major urban centers to expand access to surgical orthopedic and spine care.

Honduras Cardiac Program

Working with the local pediatric heart team to close gaps in access to care and provide additional support and training in the care of the most complex cases.

Honduras Neurosurgery Program

Providing life-saving surgical care to children with complex neurosurgical needs through visiting surgery teams, training and a shunt sponsorship program.

Honduras Surgical Access Program

Enhancing access to surgical care for children in select subspecialties in partnership with local NGOS and partner physicians.

Regional Referral Program

Connecting children with advanced care services closer to home through WPP network of international hospital partners.

U.S. Referral Program

Providing care to the most complex, urgent patients through referral to one of WPP’s partner hospitals in the United States.

Program Partners

WPP programs are strengthened through partnerships within the country and with other organizations committed to the goal of improving access to advanced specialty care for children in Honduras.

  • Hospital Materno Infantil, Teguicigalpa
  • Ruth Paz Hospital, San Pedro Sula
  • Clincia Asturias
  • Fundacion Sun Life
  • Ministry of Health of Honduras
  • Hospital Maria, Especialidades Pediatricas
  • Helping Hands Honduras
  • CAMO (Central American Medical Outreach)
  • ProPapa Missions American (PPMA)
  • World Vision Honduras
  • Despacho de la Primera Dama
  • One World Surgery Center

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