Start your own personal fundraiser and help World Pediatric Project deliver healing for children in need.

Fundraising Is Easy:

Whether you’re fundraising by pledging your birthday gifts or hosting a party, you will have a real impact for World Pediatric Project. When you fundraise for World Pediatric Project, you’re not only funding a mission that connects children with the critical care they need, but you’re helping spread the word about the amazing impact WPP and you are having on the world.

Create an Online Fundraiser:

Create your own fundraising page powered by Facebook or GoFundMe. It’s easy! You can include personal messages and photos and share with your social networks online. Remember — even a small amount can go a long way toward helping children around the world have a better future.

Host a Volunteer Fundraiser:

What is a Volunteer Fundraiser?

A Volunteer Fundraiser can be whatever you want it to be – a party at home, a community event, a giveback night at a local restaurant, be creative! But you’re not on your own – World Pediatric Project will provide guidelines and material you can use to help promote your event.

Why host a fundraiser?

Besides the incredible cause, there are a few great reasons to fundraise for World Pediatric Project:

  • It’s easy. You choose the type of fundraiser your comfortable with and set your own goal.
  • It’s personal. Your fundraiser reflects what you care about and shows that World Pediatric Project is important to you.
  • It’s helpful. Your fundraiser helps connect children to the advanced healthcare they need for long healthy lives. Thousands of children are reached by WPP medical volunteers each year, and every dollar raised by people like you matters.
  • It’s free (if you want it to be). There is no cost to set up a fundraiser – you can set your own budget and goal!

Can anyone fundraise?

  • Yes, but anyone under the age of 13 will need their parents to register for them.

What support does World Pediatric Project provide?

  • A fundraising webpage powered by Facebook or GoFundMe to personalize with an image, story, and details about your fundraiser.
  • Sample messages and tools to help promote your fundraiser.
  • Inspiring stories of children and families impacted by World Pediatric Project.
  • Digital files of informational material you can print and distribute at your event.

Can World Pediatric Project provide raffle items, print material, t-shirts or other branded items?

  • Unfortunately, World Pediatric Project cannot solicit or provide raffle items or branded material for our Volunteer Fundraisers.
  • You may pay to have your own material printed as long as it follows World Pediatric Project Logo Design Guidelines.

Where can I get more information?

How do I get started hosting my own fundraiser?

Additional Information: