MCF helps bring specialty pediatric care back to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The global pandemic and eruptions of La Soufrière volcano proved to be major, unpredicted hurdles in World Pediatric Project’s delivery of pediatric specialty healthcare for the children of St. Vincent and the Grenadines over the last two and a half years. A generous contribution from Mustique Charitable Foundation (MCF) – their first post-pandemic gift – has helped World Pediatric Project accelerate diagnostic and surgical teams’ return to St. Vincent in the current fiscal year.

MCF’s gift of more than $80,000 will allow WPP to fund a total of seven teams traveling to St. Vincent to provide pediatric diagnostic and surgical care in the specialties of orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery and general surgery. Three teams traveled and provided care in the last six weeks, with Dr. David Lanning leading the laparoscopic general surgery team still to come in December.

The contribution by MCF will enable WPP to begin addressing the significant backlog of pediatric surgical cases. A lack of local pediatric specialist availability, exacerbated by multiple natural disasters, has left hundreds of children waiting for life-changing care.

“We at WPP are grateful for MCF demonstrating such care and compassion for the children through their contribution,” said Vafa Akhavan, CEO of World Pediatric Project. The gift will provide specialty care for an estimated 280 children.