Healing Today. Building for Tomorrow.

Global Need

Each year, more than 450 million children under the age of 5 go without access to basic, life-saving surgical care.

An estimated 17 million lives are lost annually from conditions requiring surgical care, 5x greater than the death toll from HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria combined.

Without investment in surgical care, low and middle-income countries face an estimated US $12.3 trillion in lost GDP.

Our Mission

We heal children and advance pediatric healthcare in the world.

Our Vision

Every community, in every country, will have the capacity to connect children to advanced pediatric healthcare.

World Pediatric Project partners with governments, health workers, and organizations to ensure that children in lower-resource settings have access to safe, timely surgical care. When children are healed, the social and emotional health of families is restored, and the economic productivity of communities is strengthened.

Program Model

WPP builds long-term, collaborative programs to close gaps in access to advanced pediatric care. Learn more about our specific programs and how our model adapts to the areas of greatest need within each partner country. 

Who We Are

The WPP network consists of medical & non-medical volunteers, hospital systems, partners, donors, and staff all working together to fulfill this important mission. Learn more about all the different teams that make up WPP. 

Proven Approach

Over the past 20 years, WPP has developed and tested a unique model, that leverages sustainable programs to heal children and build local capacity. Learn more about how we leverage our experience and partner networks to make a substantial impact in regions we serve.