Now is the time!  

The world has prioritized funding for the prevention and treatment of malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, and malnutrition for decades, and with the shrinking rates of those conditions, we see those efforts have paid off! Now, we need to increase awareness and funding initiatives for pediatric surgery in low- to middle-income countries, as lack of access to surgical care is now claiming more lives each year than malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis – COMBINED. 

A new study, in partnership with World Pediatric Project, the College of William & Mary and the University of Ghana, shows that early diagnosis & intervention, including surgery, extends life, prevents disability, and addresses illnesses for children that left untreated often become fatal. Children in low- to middle-income countries are 14 times more likely to die before reaching the age of 5 – with many of the deaths stemming from treatable conditions. 

World Pediatric Project exists to change this – and is hard at work carrying out this life-saving work each and every day. Won’t you open your heart and help WPP give more children around the world access to pediatric surgical care?

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