This article originally appeared as a Cor Jesu Alumni Story
Katherine Tarlas ’15 – World Pediatric Project
Cor Jesu Alumni, 2015
World Pediatric Project – Development & Special Events Intern, Summer 2017
Current Position: Associate on Video Investment at Spark Foundry (advertising agency in Chicago)

I am extremely grateful for the Alumnae INC event at Cor Jesu. After briefly reading about it during my sophomore year at the University of Dayton, I told myself that I didn’t want to go and that I probably wouldn’t get anything out of it. Boy was I wrong!

As I was approaching my junior year, I knew it was important to find an internship and gain any experience I could. I eventually decided to give the INC event a try, and I am so grateful because it led to a career experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.

As I walked around and spoke with each company, World Pediatric Project (WPP) caught my attention. They were taking applications for the Development and Special Events Internship, which was right up my alley. WPP is a non-profit organization that brings children to St. Louis from low-resource countries in order to get the medical care they need that may not be available for them at home. I inquired further and met the women who were representing the organization at the event – they were both Cor Jesu graduates, which was such a bonus!

I applied and interviewed and received an offer for the internship during the Summer of 2017, right before my junior year of college. As part of my internship in development and special events, I had to plan and host my own third-party event to fundraise for WPP. I decided to host a “paint and sip” event that included a silent auction. I worked on the planning and advertising for this event all summer and it turned out to be a great success! I introduced many new people to WPP and lots of them still have a relationship with the organization in some way.

I learned so much during my time at WPP and it all circles back to Cor Jesu hosting the INC event for alumnae in college. Without this event, I wouldn’t have been introduced to this incredible organization or the people who are involved.

Having the experience at WPP was a HUGE advantage as I went through the interview process.

I graduated from the University of Dayton with a bachelor’s in communications and public relations in May 2019, and recently landed a full-time position as an Associate on Video Investment at Spark Foundry, an advertising agency in Chicago. Having the experience at WPP was a HUGE advantage as I went through the interview process. Many firms were very impressed with my experience at WPP and I believe it will truly help me succeed as I embark on my full-time career. Not to mention, I have kept a relationship up with WPP and love to volunteer there any time I am home. I’m so grateful I attended the INC event and I encourage everyone to attend. Just try it out! You won’t regret it!