Since we started on this journey in 2001, World Pediatric Project has created healthcare delivery systems and training programs for health workers that have reached more than 15,000 children. Our world has changed in so many ways since March, and there continue to be more unknowns than knowns. But what I do know is that this work is more important now than ever before. Covid-19 has exacerbated and deepened the vast inequities in care that exist for children beyond our borders.

Like everything in our lives, we know that our work will look different. We also know that great ideas are born in times of crisis. So, we are taking this opportunity to reevaluate service delivery models, explore new partnerships in the regions where we work, and more deeply develop our training and capacity building projects. Some of the ways we’re already adapting include:

  • Networking with new hospital partners in the Caribbean and Central America to connect children with urgent medical conditions to the care they need.
  • Supporting our beloved partner doctors and nurses abroad by donating PPE and other essential supplies to help them battle Covid-19 at home. And we’re providing essential goods care packages to our families facing severe economic hardship due to Covid-19’s impact on local economies and tourism.
  • Utilizing the miracles of technology to stay connected with the communities we serve. We are prioritizing virtual trainings, remote evaluations, and telemedicine clinics to provide support to the thousands of children and hundreds of health care workers depending on us.
  • Redesigning our international teams and US referrals programs to mitigate risk, including reducing the size of teams and evaluating patients virtually where possible.

Since April 1st, WPP has:

  • Continued to care for 10 US referral patients undergoing care at partner hospitals across the US
  • Facilitated 200+ appointments and services for these children in St. Louis, Spokane and Richmond
  • Received 25 new patient referrals for care in the months ahead
  • Organized 40+ telemedicine clinic appointments to connect patients in real-time to WPP specialists 
  • Coordinated 50+ remote evaluations through our network of physicians around the US
  • Facilitated donations of ~1000lbs of medical supplies to partner hospitals in the US and internationally
  • Delivered more than 100 care packages of food and hygiene items to families in high need in our partner countries

And just last week we welcomed Kevon to Philadelphia from St. Lucia for urgent neurosurgical care – the first child to travel to the United States for care since March. And while we’re excited to help Kevon, we’re anxiously waiting for the opportunity to reach countless other children with life-saving care.

We know we have to lean on our entire WPP family for support and help during these unprecedented times. And we know that supporting WPP will look different for everyone. If you’re willing to do so, you can make a gift at or share the link on social media with your networks. 

We remain grateful for your past and continued support of our work and the children we serve — and for your unwavering belief in our vision.

Sarah Iracane
Chief Program Officer
World Pediatric Project