Today we join World Heart Federation and others in encouraging all to “use heart to connect” to celebrate World Heart Day!

Every day our volunteers and partners use their hearts to connect children with advanced care through World Pediatric Project.

Since 2001, our network has grown to help provide an annual average of 60 heart surgeries and 500 diagnostic screenings for children in need of advanced care for congenital heart defects. Some of WPP’s first patients 20 years ago were children in need of pediatric diagnostic cardiology services. Healing hearts has been a core area of WPP programs since the very beginning.

We are proud to partner with cardiologists and cardiac surgeons internationally and across the U.S. to develop capacity for cardiac care in our partner countries and connect children to life-saving surgery – quite literally a matter of heart for the WPP network every day!

Many thanks to all of the dedicated WPP medical volunteers who help us reach and heal little hearts!”