Since 2001, your support has enabled World Pediatric Project to connect more than 15,000 children with medical care that has truly changed their lives. But the impact isn’t just in the life of one child – it’s transformative for families, communities, countries, and even the doctors and medical volunteers who personally deliver the care so desperately needed.

Your gift today celebrates our 20th Anniversary of healing and supports the world-class medical teams that volunteer their time and efforts to helping build better tomorrows.

Shandell traveled with his mom to Richmond, VA for life-saving care.

It was early in my work in St. Vincent when a local colleague asked if I could help a child there who had malignancy of the retina of the eye – a tumor that could be fatal if left untreated but, with the necessary advanced care, is surgically curable. Unfortunately, the equipment and expertise to perform this essential surgery were not available in St. Vincent.

This is when I found out about World Pediatric Project. After we connected through a board member, WPP quickly got to work mobilizing its network, and 4 days later, Shandell was in Richmond, VA for surgical care. He is alive today because of World Pediatric Project.

How could I not be hooked?

– Dr. Donna Brown
Member of WPP Executive Board
WPP Volunteer since 2001

For WPP volunteers like Dr. Donna Brown, making an impact on the lives of others – especially children – is exactly why they do the work they do.

Your gift today is a chance to make an equally important impact and lay the groundwork for the next 20 years of healing!

The last year has been challenging for all of us, especially for the children in the countries WPP serves. We are committed and working every day to address the ongoing needs of children in Central America and the Caribbean. Your help today will ensure we reach those kids waiting for us.

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