We have much to be thankful for at World Pediatric Project: our patients and their families whom we are privileged to serve; our nationwide network of incredible medical professionals and other volunteers who year after year give their time and talents to our important mission; our generous and committed donors who have continued to provide WPP with the resources to do our work; and our talented and highly motivated staff, both here in the US and in the regions that we serve, who employ every ounce of creativity and grit to find solutions to complex problems in service to our patients.

This year, WPP was on pace for a record number of children reached before the global pandemic hit. In mid-March, we had to suspend our programs and focus on caring for the children who had already traveled to the US. Yet, because of our service model and the dedication of our staff and volunteers, we were still able to innovate and adapt to accomplish so much and continue to heal children.

On behalf of our board of directors, staff, volunteer physicians and nurses, sponsors, and industry partners – thank you. As we begin ramping up our programs again, we are excited to use new tools and expertise to reach children who have been waiting for the care they need. Your support has been vital to WPP being able to emerge from this crisis a stronger organization capable of healing more children. That says a lot in these challenging times.

Brian D. Shaw
Interim CEO

Little girl with thank you sign